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Culture fun at Sanzaru

Sanzaru is a truly independent studio, our goal is to bring together the most talented individuals to develop fun-playing, visually stunning, and technically spectacular games. We foster a culture of creativity while providing just enough infrastructure to stave off chaos. We strongly believe great teams – not big teams – make great games and we are always looking to build a stronger team. We look for potential teammates with a love of games, strong work ethic and great communication skills. We look to every member on the team to be a self starter, able to independently manage their time and tasks, we don’t have an army of middle managers running around micromanaging every bit, pixel or check-in.

The team has evolved as a function of the people, and we are always looking for people to inspire, participate and build, whether it is a new idea for a melee animation, showing off your favorite arcade cabinet or going for the 3 point field goal on the basketball court.