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Game Engineer – Foster City, CA


Sanzaru seeks a talented and ambitious programmer to expand our development team as we start multiple new projects. While our cross-platform engine handles the low-level animation, rendering and resource access on PS3, PS2, PC, XBox360 and Wii, the game programmer is responsible for implementing game logic, UI control, physics, animation control and general entity management in cross-platform C++.

The successful candidate:

  • Is a C/C++ expert: Though we occasionally use other languages (e.g. C#, Tcl, Python) particularly for toolchain work, our game code is entirely portable C++ and this is the primary output from this engineer.
  • Can manage state logic intuitively: From overall application control to UI to individual entities and special effects, breaking down behavior into a hierarchical state abstraction must come naturally and easily.
  • Has strong 3d math fundamentals: Includes the ability to “think in 3-d”, understand spatial relationships between objects within their world and to each other, and control these algorithmically.
  • Understands UI design flow: Look at games from the point of the player – what information does he need to see and how can the UI interface best help him enjoy the game.
  • Gets sound control principles: How to best use both one-shot and looping audio cues to help bring game entities to life, and the ability to interface with a sound designer to add/refine sound assets efficiently.
  • Is a memory conservationist: Make intelligent decisions about where memory is best spent and understand the tradeoffs between various allocation schemes.
  • Enjoys code responsibility: People who are proud of their work and take ownership generate great games; we’re looking for engineering pillars to support a small team who want to make a difference.

Platforms: Playstation 3, Wii

Interested applicants should apply by sending your resume to:

or regular mail:

Attn: Jobs
Sanzaru Games Inc.
1065 East Hillsdale Blvd, Suite 306
Foster City, CA 94404